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A Better Way To Renovate Bathtubs

For over 35 years, Bain Magique has revolutionized bathtub renovation. Our process puts a new bath in place in as little as one day, with no messy demolition. Best of all, our product is built to last a lifetime.

An Industry Leader

    Commercial Services

    An Industry Leader

    As an industry leader, we stand proudly behind our products. A Bain Magique expert will handle your renovation every step of the way, from planning, to design, manufacturing, distribution and installation. 

    We are all about our people – and our people are all about quality and professionalism. We are dedicated to getting it right, not being right, and guarantee our clients the very best customer service

Industries served

Luxury hotels, hospitals, cruise ships and the military choose Bain Magique time and again. Our approach has proven itself to be the simple, smart way to transform a bath.









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More Than A New Bathtub

"It has been a pleasure working with Bain Magique as they replaced over 70 showers in our building. Everything they installed continues to exceed our expectations. I can see now why they have the best warranty in the business."

- Kevin Hanlon
The Waterford On Highland Colony

We install our premium quality, high gloss acrylic bathtub and seamless wall systems with accessories in as little as one day. Our goal is to give you the remodel you want without disturbing the people who depend on your service.

Minimal Disruption
Our acrylic tub and shower solutions custom fit the particular needs of busy hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and a wide variety of other facilities. With no demolition, there are no repairs required for the surrounding area and you can get right back to business.

Easy Maintenance
Our products are durable, non-porous and very easy to clean, so they stay shiny and bright throughout their lifetime. Cleaning staff can reduce the time they spend in each bathroom as a result of the bath’s smooth finish and vertically seamless wall panel systems. And because there’s no grout, you’ll never have to spend time and money re-grouting.

A Bain Magique commercial consultant takes precise measurements of the existing bath and walls. Then, each bathtub, shower, and wall panel system is made to order at one of our state-of-the-art North-American facilities. Lastly, after we clean and repair the existing surfaces, a certified Bain Magique expert installs the new tub and wall system directly over the existing one, ensuring a perfect, watertight fit.

Endless Options
We often focus on the bathtubs and shower bases, but the magic really happens when we bring all of it together with one of the many patterns available in our wall panel systems. Between colors, patterns, and the wide range of accessories, there are endless options to meet your needs.

5-Year Guarantee
Bain Magique stands behind every aspect of our business. Vertical integration ensures that our products meet both our rigorous standards, and yours. We guarantee that our products will retain their good-as-new look for at least 5 years.

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Read how Bain Magique has revolutionized bathtub renovation.