Bath Accessories

Shower Ceilings, Mouldings & Trims

Finishing touches make the difference.

Adding ceilings and trim accessories to your new bath is a win-win — they help protect your ceiling from water damage and keep your tub moisture-resistant, plus give you a classic polished look.

    It's all in the details

    Colour consistency

    Because Bain Magique manufactures the acrylic used in all of our products, you can benefit from a seamless look with finishing touches that match your tub or shower and walls to a tee. We want you to be as proud of your bathroom as we are when we deliver it to you.


Ceilings & window trim

Top it all off

Design your own bathroom


Mix & match styles

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More Bath Accessories

    Accessorize your bath or shower

    More Bath Accessories

    Little accents, big impact

    Get a truly custom shower or bath solution that has just what you need. Browse everything from stylish add-ons to safety must-haves.

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